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This Tour at a Glance...

~ Phantom Ranch to Pearce Ferry
~ Motorized raft, oar raft or paddle craft
~ Rapids Class I - X

~ 10 mile hike in
~ Night camping on the banks of the Colorado River
~ Fresh foods and delicious meals


5 to 10 days


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White Water Rafting The Greater Lower Canyon

Grand Canyon rafting on the Colorado River

The Greater Lower Canyon - Phantom Ranch to Pearce Ferry, Lake Mead

199 miles
Class I - X rapids
10 mile hike in

Begin your day with a hike down the famous Bright Angel Trail from the Grand Canyon South Rim to Phantom Ranch. (This hike is considered strenuous that requires you to be in good physical health.) As the trail descends 5,000 feet to the river it passes through three climate zones. Starting at the Ponderosa Pine forest on the rim through the Pinion-Juniper scrub and down to the Sonoran Desert. Each turn of the trail affords stunning vista views and numerous photo opportunities. At the midpoint lies the oasis of Indian Gardens where Garden Creek babbles below overhanging cottonwood trees. Below Indian Gardens the trail cuts through the layers that comprise some of the oldest exposed rock on earth. Upon reaching the river the trail parallels the Colorado River until it crosses and continues to either Phantom Ranch or the Boat Beach. Your rafts and guides will be waiting at Boat Beach where lunch is served and preparations made for the river adventure ahead.

After leaving the cool depths of Phantom Ranch you will descend into the Upper Granite Gorge amidst fast-flowing water to challenging rapids that lie ahead. You will plunge through the mountainous waves of Horn Creek, Granite and Hermit. The famous Crystal rapids and "The Gems" follow with Deubendorff and Upset. Downstream basalt outcrops alert you o your proximity to Lava Falls and soon you will hear the thunder reverberating from the canyon walls. Passage here demands a good long look before dropping into one of the biggest of the "Big Ones." Numerous streams will appear as if from no where. Some will be like raging torrents others as magnificent as waterfalls and some content to cascade gently down into a hidden side canyon.

While rapids are what lure many  people to the river, it is only part of the story. This part of the canyon is crisscrossed with hundreds side canyons each with its own personality and attraction. While it would be impossible to explore each and every one in a lifetime, you will be able to visit some of the most outstanding little corners on earth. Typical stops include the fern covered  Elves Chasm and hiking above Deer Creek Falls and winding your way up Matkatamiba. Conditions permitting you might even swim the turquoise pools at Havasu Creek and hike the talus to where Thunder River gushes form a rock wall several miles from and a thousand feet above the Colorado River.

After a day of boating and exploring you pull in to camp on sandy beaches for the evening. Your crew sets up the kitchen while everyone finds his or her ideal camp spot. As dinner sizzles on the grill or camp stove you can relax with a cool drink, read, take an evening stroll up a side canyon or just get better acquainted with your fellow river passengers. As the sun disappears, the stars begin to glisten and the quiet serenity of the universe is spreads out above your bedroll. You will be awestruck by the beauty of this powerful place. This first class adventure will not be soon forgotten.

                 Craft                        Number of Days            Price starts at:
  Motorized Raft                                5 - 7                              $1,595 pp 
  Oar Raft                                            8 - 10                            $2,165 pp
 Paddle                                                8 - 9                               $2,065 pp 


Please email or call us regarding trip availability, questions or  reservations for your white water rafting trip.

To gain a good understanding about hiking the Grand Canyon see information about the video "Hiking the Grand Canyon - The Corridor Trails."



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